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Congressman Trent Franks

Representing the 8th District of Arizona

Congressman Franks Fully Supports Access to Legitimate Pharmaceutical Drugs For Patients

August 26, 2004
Press Release
August 26, 2004“Every American in need of medical treatment for illness or disease should have full access to the legitimate medicine that best addresses his or her need.  My legislative record is testimony to the fact that I have voted consistently to provide greater access to legitimate pharmaceutical drugs to America's seniors, and to all ages, through sound re-importation policies and the affordability that comes through market reforms. 


However, the current debate to legalize marijuana is not based on medical need.  Rather, it is nothing more than a ruse being used by a clandestine few, who prey upon those groups who believe the debate centers only upon marijuana as a potential medicine in order to create language that will ultimately become leverage to legalize hard drugs across the board, and wreak complete havoc on our society.


I believe, just as the legalization of opium adversely impacted American society during the late 19th century, the legalization of marijuana and other illegal drugs would cause devastation to America's family and bring about serious danger within our nation's mechanized workforce.


Legalizing marijuana would be a means of creating backdoor legislation for the legalization of many other very dangerous drugs.  The compassionate answer to this debate is to grant greater access to the legitimate pharmaceutical drugs that have been proven effective in providing the relief and treatment essential to America's medical patients.


85% of all prisoners in America's federal prisons are there because of a drug or alcohol-related crime. It is sad that some illegal drug proponents exploit desperate cancer patients and others to promote a hidden agenda that would be devastating to America.”




1237 Longworth HOB, Washington, D.C. 20515

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